Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Groovy DateTime Comparisons

Those of you following my posts know that I'm working on enhanced date/time support for groovy. In a previous post, I discussed a new DateTime class that leverages the power of java's Calendar and updates the interface in a groovy way. Which brings me to after(), before(), and compareTo() methods.

Calendar implements compareTo() that accepts only a calendar object. If you pass it a Date and exception is thrown. How restrictively lame.

DateTime's compareTo() accepts multiple types that can be evaluated to the millisecond level. So, DateTime, Date, Calendar, even long types are accepted. This approach enables this to work:

now = [ new Date(), Calendar.getInstance(), System.currentTimeMillis, new DateTime() ]

yesterday = new DateTime() - 1
tomorrow = new DateTime() + 1
later = new DateTime(hours:23, minutes:59)

now.each {
assert yesterday.before( it )
assert tomorrow.after( it )
assert laster.after( it )
DateTime. How groovy is that!

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Avi said...

Nice! Looking forward to it!