Friday, May 9, 2008

MySQL InnoDB Dialect

I missed a configuration detail in conf/DataSource.groovy prior to going to production on a recent grails project. I didn't notice the damage until I looked closely at the backup script created by mysqldump. The re-build script called out ENGINE=MyISAM rather than InnoDB. So, no transactions, cascading, or other basic features.

The Fix: To correct the problem, I inserted the following into the hibernate section:
When I ran my tests, there were a couple of changes that need to be made mainly because transactions were now working correctly. The next step was to repair the production database.

The Repair: The sql rebuild script needed to be modified to replace MyISAM with InnoDB--a perfect job for groovy. Here is the script:
#!/usr/bin/env groovy
file = new File( 'production.sql' )

new File('fix.sql').withPrintWriter { writer ->
file.eachLine { line ->
writer.println(line.replace('MyISAM', 'InnoDB'))

Simple to implement. Very groovy, and now with transactions!

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